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Maya is a Konnakol artist, rapper, Bharatanatyam dancer, mridangist, composer, performer, choreographer, curator based in NY and California. She co-directs Natya Anubhava Dance Academy with her mother Dr. Nalini. She has performed widely nationally and internationally as have her compositions and choreographies, including in Seva Sadan, National Gallery of Art, United Nations, Drive East, SafeHouseArts, NYC Hall, Jewish Museum, Hammond Museum, Javits Center, Smith Center, Stanford, and with Akshara Music Ensemble. She directed, choreographed and composed for dance ballets from traditional topics (Tales of Hanuman) to contemporary themes exploring social justice (Ardhanareeshwara: Shattering the Construct of Gender, Anyatha Naasti: Dreams of the Other, and Janani: Ode to Mother Earth). She also enjoys doing rhythmic composition for productions by other directors (i.e. Surabhi Bharadwaj’s “Finding Joy”). She has co-taught over forty students including ten for their solo debut. She co-organizes and curates Chitkala, promoting Indian Classical musicians, with Ashwini Srivatasan. Her gurus are Dr. Nalini Rau (Bharatanatyam, disc. of Dakshinamoorti Pillai), Balaskandan (Mridangam, disc. Karaikudi Mani Sir), Ranjani Venimadhavan (Vocal), Ashwini Srivatsan (Karnas & Natya Shaastra), Rakesh SaiBabu (Chhau).

Artistic vision


bring center stage


discover through art

silenced narratives

voice through art

unprecedented merges

explore of konnakol, rap, dance


build a supportive

as an educator, collaborator & promoter of

other artists

Select Productions

Anyatha Naasti:

Dreams of the Other

For generations, ‘othering’ has been used to excuse the silencing, dehumanization, and subjugation of entire populations, festering deep inequalities. The production "Anyatha Naasti: Dreams of the Other," explored the harmful effects of 'othering' and highlighted the importance of our interconnectedness for global peace. We took this production to venues like the Rotary Conference on Equality in Bhubhaneswar, India and the Asian Heritage Festival.

Direction, Choreography, Performance: Maya Rau-Murthy & Dr. Nalini Rau


Dwaraki Krishnaswamy, Maya Rau-Murthy


Dr. Nalini Rau

Ardhanareeshwara: Shattering the Construct of Gender

Addressing issues from toxic masculinity to glass ceilings, we draw on Ardhanareeswara, the gender-fluid embodiment of Shiva and Parvati, to challenge restrictive gender roles. Emphasizing the importance of conversations beyond our echo chambers, we staged this production at at the Ganesha Temple in NY, and at the Duke Convention Center in Ohio.

Direction, Choreography:

Maya Rau-Murthy


Dwaraki Krishnaswamy, Maya Rau-Murthy


Natya Anubhava Dance Company


Ode to Mother Earth

We confront the urgent theme of environmental responsibility, pleading to Mother Earth, Janani, without whom we would not exist. We had the honor of presenting to her Holiness Sri Karunamayi for Gurupoornima in California, and in the Paramount Theater in NY.

Direction, Choreography, Performance: Maya Rau-Murthy

Dr. Nalini Rau


Maya Rau-Murthy

Subbaraaya Shaastry

Select Works

Maya uses the mathematical structure of the koch fractal to recursively explore through Konnakol 3’s, 9’s, and 27’s

Composition & Performance:

Maya Rau-Murthy

From “Finding Joy” a production directed by Surabhi Bharadwaj.

Music: Maya Rau-Murthy

Direction & Choreography:

Surabhi Bharadwaj

We share our lifelong dance as mother and daughter

Music: Bibiana Huang Matheis

Dance: Maya & Nalini Rau

Venue: Hammond Museum

Nritta snippets from informal explorations

Composition: Madurai Muralidharan

Choreography: Maya Rau-Murthy

Dance: Maya Rau-Murthy


Maya Rau-Murthy

Poetry: Dr. Nalini Rau

Dance: Maya & Nalini Rau

We combine spoken word and Bharatanatyam to emphasize the urgency of making our voices heard through voting

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